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Avon Fire & Rescue - Home Fire Safety Visits

Overview of service

Avon Fire & Rescue Service provides Home Fire Safety Visits free of charge (including smoke alarms). This service is delivered in your home to provide you with information about fire safety specific to your circumstances. These visits include:

A risk assessment of your home.
Safety advice where required, particularly in relation to the most common causes of fire such as cooking, smoking, electrical faults and candles.

Advice on a ‘night time routine’ of measures that can keep you safer at a vulnerable time.
Help in making an escape plan, including advice on ‘staying put’ if you have mobility issues and/or your escape routes being blocked by fire.

A check of your fire alarms and the fitting of new ones if required.

Eligibility criteria

Available to any resident in the areas below:

Area(s) covered

  • Bristol
  • South Gloucestershire
  • North Somerset

Contact information

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  • Personal Safety advice