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Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Service

Overview of service

Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Services can help you in a variety of ways; from practical and emotional support to legal advice, everything we do will be guided by you and only with your consent.

Our trained professionals will:
• Help you cope with the stress, fear and possible trauma caused by hate crime and discrimination.
• Listen to you, and give you emotional support and advice as your case develops.
• Engage with you and other involved agencies to find a resolution that works for you.
• Keep you informed about the progress of your case and what other organisations are doing to help.
• Provide you with legal advice (where applicable) and support you through the criminal justice system.
• Employ techniques such as mediation to resolve disputes and ensure a good outcome for you.
• Support you in making complaints against other organisations or agencies if you feel they have let you down.
• Get you the help you need, whether it is from us or by giving you referrals to other agencies.

This service is completely free and confidential.

Eligibility criteria

Victims of Hate Crime & Discrimination

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