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Self Injury Support

Overview of service

Self injury Support (formerly Bristol Crisis Service for Women) is a national organisation that supports girls and women affected by self-injury or self-harm.

We have carried out extensive research with women who self-injure, and through our work we have developed a deep understanding of the reasons individuals harm themselves and of the things they may find helpful or supportive.

We also have wide experience of the concerns and needs of workers in different settings and disciplines, and in developing good working practice.

Eligibility criteria

Females affected by self harming

Area(s) covered

  • Bristol
  • South Gloucestershire
  • North Somerset
  • Somerset

Contact information

Opening hours

Our text service hours are now: Sunday - Friday 7-9pm
Our helpline hours from 8th April are Tuesday & Wednesday 7-10pm and Thursday 3-6pm

This organisation can help you with

  • Counselling
  • Emotional Support
  • Mental/Physical health