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Sexual Assault Self Help Guides

With the arrival of the third series of Broadchurch on ITV featuring a serious sexual assault as its storyline, it is a good time to remind you of the availability of a number of tools and services available to provide victims of Rape and Serious Sexual Assault with the help they need to access support service provision and build confidence in reporting to the police should they wish to do so.

SARSAS have a range of self help guides which can be found at the following link: http://www.sarsas.org.uk/self-help-guides/

In Avon & Somerset there is also the Survivor Pathway which is an online tool  for anyone wanting to know more about specialist sexual violence services.

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The guide will:

The pathway is designed to help the survivor or the supporter to consider options, ensure safety is paramount, reflect on what could be useful and provide information on how to access services.

ISVA's provided by Safelink can support you with emotional and practical support whether you chose to report to the police or not. Should you wish to report they can attend your police interview and support you through the entire court process.

The Bridge (SARC) provide a range of services that you can access confidentially including:
• Emotional and psychological support
• Medical care, including sexual health
• Practical help
• Free counselling for you, and family or friends
• Information about making a report to the police